How To Become A Bouncer In Ontario

Nightclub security training If you want to work as a bouncer, doorman, or security staff at any nightclub, bar, or pub in Ontario, you are required by law to have your security licence.

This has been the case since April of 2010, when new regulations came into effect covering all security jobs like bouncers, guards, loss prevention, and private investigators.

Wages for nightlife security positions in Ontario went up almost immediately due to a shortage of licenced employees, and this trend continues. Check help wanted ads and you will find jobs for bouncers paying up to $20/hour.

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Security training for bouncers
Ontario nightclub security training To get your security licence and become a bouncer...

1) complete the 40-hour security training course
2) pass the multiple-choice test
3) get your First Aid certificate

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Police Laying Charges Against Bouncers & Nightclubs For Violations

    18 charges laid in Sudbury crackdown
    26 charges for violations in North Bay
    114 charges after two day sweep in Ottawa
    48 charges for bouncers and bars in Kitchener and Waterloo
    56 charges across Owen Sound, Orangeville, Stratford, Woodstock, Brantford, Hamilton
    91 charges laid in Ottawa and Wasaga Beach

How To Get Your Ontario Security Licence

Nightclub security jobs To get your licence you need to complete a 40-hour security training course, then you are allowed to write the Ministry test (60 multiple-choice questions). Pass the test (62%) and you get your licence. You'll also need your First Aid certificate if you don't already have it. Then you can work for any employer anywhere in Ontario doing any kind of security work.

It's a bit strange that bouncers and nightclub security staff must take the same training as regular security guards in Ontario, considering the jobs are so different. What do bouncers need to know about alarms going off or doing patrols at construction sites?

But there's nothing we can do about that, and to be honest the training course is pretty straightforward and does contain many things that apply to bouncers.

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